Instructional Packages

1. Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

Instruction in Shabbat service music/prayers and mastery of the Torah and Haftorah Trope (cantilation) to ensure that students are able to recite their Torah and Haftorah portions with ease. D’var Torah preparation is also offered as part of this customized program.

2. Hebrew Reading & Writing

Stephanie’s complete text & activity-based interactive Hebrew instruction that will ensure that the student has a sufficient foundation to learn his/her Torah portion and prayers.

3. Judaic Studies

Includes a curricula of lessons in Jewish Holidays and Traditions (both cultural and historical), Torah (our biblical history from Creation through the Exodus), essential Shabbat Blessings and Prayers, and History of Israel and the Diaspora. Students may choose to study these subjects individually or combine all of the above with programs in Hebrew Reading & Writing for a customized complete Jewish education.