“I feel so lucky to have found Mitzvah Shirah! My husband and I were just not on the same page about how to approach our children’s Jewish education. We tried a few places, met with a few people and were so happy to have finally met and worked with Stephanie Streja. She taught, laughed and repeated many lessons with our twin children to prepare them for their Bat and Bar Mitzvahs! Without her passion, patience and joyful energy, none of it would have been possible. She is a wealth of knowledge and skill and a pleasure to be with.

~Janet Billig Rich, Encino, CA

“Stephanie managed both to demystify more than five thousand years of Jewish history and instruct our sons in the meanings and melodies of their bar mitzvah services at the same time. Her ever-sunny disposition, her warmth and encouragement, and her ability to animate the material kept the preparation process engaging and productive. On top of it all, she is a marvelous person. We were blessed to have her guide both of our sons to and through a day that we’ll all remember forever.”

~The Pillar Family, Santa Monica, CA

“When I started my Bat Mitzvah training, I was terrified. I couldn’t comprehend how I could possibly learn everything in time for my Bat Mitzvah. I had friends who went to Hebrew school for several years, and yet I was just starting 10 months before the big day!  It was very overwhelming.  Yet when I started my studies with Stephanie, all my fears disappeared.  She made learning everything so much fun, and it was all so easy to understand.  We worked piece by piece in a way that wasn’t overwhelming, but so as that new information wasn’t hard to remember, and stuck in my mind.  It was a safe and loving environment, and Stephanie definitely cared about me and how I did. When it came to the big Bat Mitzvah day, I was so thankful for Stephanie and all her hard work with me.  My experience learning with Stephanie was one I will never forget.  Todah Rabah, Stephanie!”

~Morgan Schwartz, Los Angeles, CA

“We were so proud of my daughter Morgan as she stood in front of the Wailing Wall chanting her Torah portion. Stephanie not only had her well prepared for this special moment, but gave her a solid understanding of the historic meaning of this special event. Her Hebrew was excellent. The only thing missing was the pleasure of Stephanie standing there to share the moment with us.”

~Jayme & Jonathan Schwartz, Los Angeles, CA

“Stephanie played an integral role in preparing our daughter in becoming a Bat Mitzvah.  She taught her trope, her Torah portion, and the Torah service. Stephanie listened to what we were looking for and tailored her education of our daughter to fit exactly what we wanted. She also took the time to get to know our daughter and work with her in a way that was best for her (our daughter). Stephanie was very flexible in working with our schedule and understanding all of the other responsibilities that our daughter had so that our daughter never seemed to be under too much pressure in preparing for her weekly lessons with Stephanie. She not only prepared our daughter for her Bat Mitzvah but through working with Stephanie she was able to grow and become more confident.”

~Renée & Roger Blonder, Woodland Hills, CA

“Our family desired to travel to Israel to celebrate my son becoming a Bar Mitzvah. Months before leaving the U.S., we contacted Stephanie Streja to assist my son in his preparations. She was immediately excited and enthusiastic. Stephanie taught him Hebrew, helped him understand and master reciting his Torah portion, and instructed him to be able to independently conduct the entire prayer service. Along the way, she also taught him about Jewish laws and traditions and assisted him in writing his meaningful Bar Mitzvah speech. Stephanie was able to coordinate the entire service with the Rabbi in Israel, enabling a smooth transition for the Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem.  My son adored Stephanie’s intelligence, good nature and warm humor. They communicated via Skype and grew to have a true fondness for each other. Her command of Hebrew and Judaica, her wonderful nature, and her total willingness to assist make her a true asset to the  Jewish community and anyone interested in learning. “

~The Langsner Family, Las Vegas, NV

“Stephanie was great and really fun to work with. Because of Stephanie, I felt completely prepared and comfortable during my Bar Mitzvah.”

~Garrett Rawlings, Ketchum, ID

“Stephanie was wonderful to work with. We live in a small town without a rabbi and Stephanie was able to guide us through the entire Bar Mitzvah process. Stephanie is kind, patient, knowledgeable, accommodating, highly organized and has a beautiful voice. She supplied us with all the necessary material, worked with my son on every aspect of the service including teaching him his Torah and Haftorah portion, guided him through his speech and Mitzvah Project, and led the Bar Mitzvah service. We are grateful that Stephanie helped us create a truly meaningful Bar Mitzvah experience for our son and family.”

~The Rawlings Family, Ketchum, ID

“My son and I loved working with Mitzvah Shirah! What a wonderful experience for us to learn from Stephanie. Her knowledge, patience and support made the process manageable and fun. We feel extremely fortunate to have worked with her and strongly recommend her!”

~Leigh Barer, Sun Valley, ID